• The Story

    2018, Douglas Sentell, founded BIG DAWGS EAT and the art of working out. Doug started an Instagram page by posting his workout routines and physique updates, followed by motivation to spread the passion of fitness to others. It became a part of him and his daily lifestyle and mindset as being a BIG DAWG meant more to him than looking physically healthy but how you live your life, day by day, and never taking failure as an option. Doing everything at 170% every time!

  • The Message

    Doug wanted to make BIG DAWGS EAT so EVERYONE can adopt being a BIG DAWG. The term started to take form and became Doug's "alter ego". Living and breathing what it means and takes to be a BIG DAWG. To share this message and mindset to others who are struggling with depression and over coming it, that's a BIG DAWG. Single mothers, paraplegics, someone who comes from nothing, domestic abuse victims, the list goes on! Anyone can be a BIG DAWG, it is only your decision.

  • The Mission

    The mission and vision is to help support animals and help eliminate abuse, help find families, and put a stop to euthanizing these amazing animals. There are over 1 Million animals euthanized annually. Doug's ambition and motivation to make an impact for something that does not have enough light on it, is what will make BIG DAWGS EAT have a huge impact on society and create a big splash. The impact Doug wants to make to society is why BIG DAWGS EAT is so special.